FixingtheGap: The Fight for Inner City Youth

FixingtheGap is a minidoc which delves into one of our nation’s most glossed over issues – the downfall of inner city education.

The city of Baltimore is facing the largest budget crisis in history with a $130 million dollar educational funding deficit.

Where does the money go?

As budget cuts rage on, teachers are being laid off en masse, classroom sizes are projected to increase as much as 30%+ and children are getting caught in the crosshairs of politics, corruption and financial mismanagement — the cost? Their future.

This online minidoc seeks to reveal to you exactly how much the gap in educational equity is affecting our inner city youth.

With your funding we can literally change lives. You have the chance to be a part of something real and make a palpable difference in the the communities around you while creating a butterfly effect of possibilities.

We will document history and interview youth, teachers, school administration and experts to get to the bottom of the issue and help catalyze progression.

Additional funding received over production costs will be donated to local schools, teachers, classrooms, and struggling students for educational assistance and opportunity.

We are here to fix the gap — and you can help make that real. Every dollar, every cent counts.

Help us #fixthegap


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