‘Missing’ Rep Paul Ryan Town Hall Controversy

You know, there’s been a lot of news outlets out there giving Rep. Paul Ryan a tough time. A tough time for his policy initiatives. A tough time for his viewpoints on women’s issues. A tough time for his sociopolitical views and most recently a hard time regarding the representative’s less than compelling desire to hold a town hall.

Well, to those out there who are incessantly criticizing this representative of our almighty government, I say SHAME! SHAME ON YOU!

One thing I can say is that I’m sure the recently deemed ‘missing’ representative is far too busy attending to much more important issues at hand rather than fumbling around with silly town halls. You silly, silly people…Political figure heads of Rep. Ryan’s caliber have far better things to focus on for instance attending to matters such as…

womens empowerment.jpg


Or perhaps…finding himself in his art…

Ryan Twitter Post Kusama.jpg

…or you know…just  skipping town with nothing more than his hopes and dreams and living life on the road all beatnik-bum roadie Kerouac style…



…or maybe even…


drowning the government in a bathtub like his buddy Grover Norquist…


Or how about just being the all-around universal thought leader that he is by promoting tenets of unity, cohesion, awareness and progression by….


Either way… I’m sure Rep. Ryan has better things to do than hold your silly, trite little town halls. After all, who goes to those things anyways?


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