Travel Tips: The Broke Girl’s Guide to Trekking

Are you chock full of wanderlust like many of us out there who are just dying to break free of their daily grind and conquer the world? Well, you’re in luck. Now a days, travelers have more options than ever to travel where they want for less money, all while meeting new people to break the monotony of life at home.


Flights. The first time I read online that you could travel cheaply to Europe by passing through Iceland I think I died a thousand deaths only to resurrect myself and die again. Companies such as Wow Air offer crazy low prices to Reykjavik only for you to have a wealth of low-cost travel opportunities available at your fingertips to the rest of Europe. I’m talking round-trip flights of like $300 as opposed to $2000. Legit.

But beware: One draw-back is that these airlines tend to nickel and dime you on luggage. So travel lightly!












Additionally, airfare alerts through e-mail with Expedia and apps like Skyscanner let would-be travelers and those already on the road plan their next destination while saving money.

The alerts help travelers take more control of their money and lets them in on layover savings that has the additional benefit of much needed rest time.

Such alerts allow travelers to use the money they would’ve otherwise splurged  on  airfare  to  have  extra  pocket  money  for  delicious  nomz,  more  tourist  sites,  and shopping (gasppp – yay!).


Lodging.In terms of accommodation, Homeswap, Couchsurfing, and Airbnb are all safe options that offer a place to sleep for the budget backpacker, business traveler, and everyone else in between. Ratings systems allow travelers to see hosts and vice versa, maximizing safety and comfort.

Additionally, pretty much everywhere in the world except the US (okay – we have a few too) are tiny little uber affordable dwelling places called hostels where you can shack up for the evening to get some shut eye and be nice and energized for your AM adventure.


Plan your meals. Part of the fun of traveling is eating new, mouthwatering food we see on social media and in magazines. Italy? India? Spain? My taste buds are going wild just thinking about. However, eating out doesn’t mean having to eat spontaneously all of the time.

With a little bit of research beforehand using guidebooks, Yelp, and travel forums, travelers can plan and budget for meals at restaurants, cafes, and night markets they want to visit.

So while we understand that you want the most authentic Parisian experience complete with trappings fit for royalty – quit wasting money (smack). The age-old advice of think twice before you buy that watch, leather jacket, pair of shoes, or 12-course, 3-hour haute dining experience may be even more useful when traveling.



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