An Insomniac’s Advice On Sleep – Do it.

If you’re anything like me, you may still believe that regularly burning the midnight oil means more productivity.

After all, sleep is the cousin of death, they said. I will have plenty of time to rest when I’m dead, they said.

Wrong, fool.


Losing out on sleep consistently has scientifically been linked to skin, weight, psychological and emotional problems, as well as being less productive at work (yikes!). So get it together and get into a better routine before you have a break down and ruin everyone’s Friday night.

Despite what you may think, unless you are an expert level 1000 Buddhist meditation guru — you need more than 4 hours of sleep a night. And attention workaholics – the world will not implode upon your embarkment into la-la land. Get some sleep you hot mess.


So here are some nice little tidbits of advice to get you started on your path to a well-rested, less productive, healthier, happier life.

Easing yourself off technology before bedtime. Give your eyes and mind a rest from checking your e-mail and killing time on social media with your smartphone and laptop before bed. Seriously!


Jessica’s Facebook rant about her worthless piece of trash ex-boyfriend will still be available to you in the morning – and if she magically decided to grow some sense and delete it before sunrise – your BFF is sure to have screenshot it. Instead, pick up a magazine or book and catch up on your Kerouac while getting ready to sleep and calm your mind for the drama pool that is tomorrow.

Your bed isn’t your kitchen or your workspace.


Reserve your bed for your sleep. It’s tempting to multi-task while in the comfort of your sheets, but that same multi-tasking isn’t productive for your sleep.

Using your bed to eat your dinner or video conference your coworkers conditions you to view it as an office and makes it less welcoming while trying to unwind – and it’s also kinda creepy.


How are you conferencing from your bed? Are you business profesh up top and ready for rest on bottom? Seriously. How do you get away with this? Plus, crumbs are less comfortable than the loneliness you get from being the only warm body in your bed besides Whiskers – so stop eating there.

Sleep the recommended amount of hours for your age group. To have the best you in 2017, it’s necessary to make the effort to  sleep  the  recommended  amount  of  hours  for  your  age  group. So go Google it or something. Also, sticking to your responsibilities throughout the day  is  the  best  way  of  ensuring that this happens.


That means working while at work instead of watching CeeLo’s phone explode on his face for the umpteenth time and being engaged with family and friends instead of on your smartphone to commit yourself to having quality, positive relationships.


This eliminates the need for tossing and turning in bed, thinking about all the things you should’ve done that day – even if you really wish listening to your mother overanalyzing why her boyfriend didn’t call on time her while trapped at work overnight in a horrendous ice storm wasn’t one of them. Hey, at least you logged in some kudos points.




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