Post-Workout Hair Got You Down?


Does your post-workout hair have you feeling all #asdfsarfeafsf! #FML #choppingitthefuckoff  #sikenahiwouldlookhideous #butmyedgesdoe have me #ridinfromthegymwithmyWOES 

Here are a couple little gems of advice I recently learned for all my bitchin’ babes out there (das right b — I’m talkin to you #wink)


Water — you motherfucker (Yass B — they been lying to us all along)


Are you just like most women out there who do a quick slick back for pre/post-workout hair to keep it all together?

While slicking your hair back is a better alternative to frequent shampooing due to the fact that it has less of a drying effect on your locks, according to a recent Allure article, it can also totes have a major downside.

NYC colorist Dana Ioto who works at the Sally Hershberger Salon commented to the magazine saying, “I’ve heard of people wetting their hair with water after the gym, then using conditioner to detangle…this is so bad for your hair. Not only are you spreading the salty sweat to your ends, but water also dries out your hair and oxidizes hair dye”.

Ioto further explains that “…conditioner is meant to go on clean hair. If it goes on dirty hair, you’re going to get a buildup of the protein bonds found in conditioner, which can eventually cause the hair to dry out and start breaking”.


Hair Ties (Nah Queen — even he workout ones too! EVEN THE WORKOUT ONES TOO!)


These little suckers can be the bane of your hair’s existence. If you want all-day, every day luscious locks, not just perfect pre and post-workout hair, you have to get them right! Avoid hair ties with metal clasps at all costs (duh).

If you absolutely must use the cute little embellished gemstone piece that looks absolutely to die for with your cute little two-piece workout ensemble, then please use it sparingly.



Scrunchi + Headband (You’s a muhhhfuggin saint scunci)


Instead of using those tiny little hair tie terrorizers, opt instead for a pre-workout hair scrunchi alternative for keeping it all together – like these “No Damage” hair elastics from Scunci. Use it in combination with a large, wide headband to prevent as much sweat as possible  in order to avoid the post-workout hair blues.


giphy (3).gif

(no–not that kind–but I couldn’t resist)

Choose styles that will benefit your workout hair and keep as much of your hair out of your face and off of your body as possible.

A top knot is a great option for keeping hair all together and out of the way and you can’t go wrong with a neatly pulled French braid, headband braid or a cute set of low pigtails to keep your post-workout hair looking as fab as your fit little figure. Check out POPSUGAR’s examples of stylish and awesome workout hairstyles.



 Dry Shampoo 


This is a woman’s best friend, and with amazing athletic femme fatales such as Nikki Metzger, Aly Teich and Kira Stokes touting this product – how can we possibly say no?


Blow Out? (Bishhhhhh if u got it like that…) #posh


Allure told us to blow dry your hair for a quick fix to the uber greasy, sweaty post-workout hair dilemma. Use your favorite healthy, sulfate-free styling cream, or, if you’re lucky enough to live in a city that offers, head to your local salon for a 15-minute post-workout mini blowout. These salons give regulars the hookup and leave you looking hotter than Auntie Mae post Bpilates. But I was all like



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